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Middle East Roundup: The Enduring Horror of the Ghouta Chemical Attack

Ten years have passed since the Syrian regime attack killed hundreds of people – here’s the Middle East this week.

Ten years since Syria’s regime killed hundreds in a chemical attack | Tunisia’s faltering human rights | New faces in BRICS | The women shaking the region’s music scene. Here’s the Middle East this week:

“I can’t forget the gasps of suffocating children, the foaming mouths, the terror in their eyes. … The hospital floor was full of dead bodies,” Umm Yahya said at a memorial for the victims of the Ghouta chemical attack.

Ten years after the Syrian regime attacked towns outside Damascus with a nerve agent, Umm Yahya, a nurse in Ghouta in 2013, relived that day when 1,127 people died and another 6,000 nearly choked to death.

They never got justice. In fact, author and Professor Samer Abboud argues, Arab efforts to normalise relations with Syria undermine Ghouta victims seeking restitution.

Maybe the people will hold Bashar al-Assad’s government accountable – for something else. This week, rare protests erupted in Sweida as people decried deteriorating living conditions.

Tunisia’s police brutality, gender inequality

Human rights aren’t improving in Tunisia.

Police violence is growing as President Kais Saied entrenches his power, using security forces for support when no political parties will back him.

Source : Aljazeera