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US Official Rules Out Imminent Saudi-Israel Deal

White House National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, has ruled out the possibility of an “imminent” normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Sullivan said peace “would be a big deal,” which would also be in the interest of the US because it would create a “more stable” Middle East in which US allies and partners could work together.

The New York Times quoted sources as saying that the Biden administration is seeking to achieve consensus among prominent members of the Democratic Party in Congress regarding controversial issues, to pave the way for a diplomatic agreement that guarantees rapprochement between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

According to the paper, the White House efforts, led by Sullivan, consisted of holding meetings with a limited and influential group of Democratic senators in the Capitol.

Saudi officials have “reservations” on the issue of normalisation with Israel, and stressed that any rapprochement between the two countries must be followed by allowing for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Source : Memo