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Moscow Accuses US of ‘Stagnating’ Palestine-Israel Peace Process

A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman has accused the US of “failed attempts at unilateral mediation” in Palestine-Israel, leading to the “stagnation” of the peace process. Maria Zakharova made her comments on the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords which, she said, “achieved some results in the first phase after its signing,” but was then “hampered” by various factors.

The accords were signed on 13 September by the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Israel on the White House lawn in Washington. They were a declaration of principles regarding the arrangements for Palestinian self-government, “interim self-government,” which were formulated and agreed upon behind closed doors in the Norwegian capital.

“The past three decades have been characterised by failed attempts at unilateral American mediation, the last of which was in 2014, which led to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process being plunged into chaos and stagnation, and the outbreak of repeated violent armed clashes between the two sides,” said Zakharova. She stressed the need to draw lessons from the Oslo Accords and not repeat the same mistakes.

While noting that the US monopolises mediation and negotiations, she said that Washington should make room for collective impartial mediation in the Palestinian file. The main parties need to reject unilateral Israeli measures in the Palestinian territories, the Russian official insisted, specifically settlements, terrorist attacks and incitement to violence.

“The differences between Israelis and Palestinians can only be resolved through direct and comprehensive dialogue,” she added. “From the Russian side, we support accelerating collective steps aimed at creating the necessary preconditions for the resumption of the peace process.”

Source : MEMO