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Ethio Telecom Rolls out 5G Service in Jigjiga City

Ethiopia Telecom has announced the official launch of the fifth generation mobile network or 5G service in Jigjiga city.

“Our company has now commercialized its 5G service in Jigjiga city,” Ethio Telecom disclosed on Tuesday.

The telco added, that it “is ready to offer unlimited 5G data, 5G To The Home, and a variety of 5G mobile packages to our esteemed customers.” 

Jigjiga, the seat of the Somali Regional State administration, became the third Ethiopian city to gain access to Ethio Telecom’s 5G service after Addis Ababa and Adama.

The telco made the 5G service available for its customers around the city’s Parliament Hall, Hodley (Palace and Airport Road), Sheik Abdusalam School, Old Taiwan, the Regional Administration and Revenue Offices, as well as the Ethio Telecom Regional office. 

The service will soon be accessible around Jigjiga University, Jigjiga Sheik Hassen Yabare Referral Hospital, New Taiwan, Kebele 06 (Ahmed Gurey School), and Jelaba.

The state-owned telco expects the commercialization of 5G service will enable “our society to obtain best-in-class digital solutions, improving their experience”.

“It will also play a paramount role for our business customers, enhancing their productivity and efficiency, generating new revenues with next-generation applications, and improving operations with real-time analytics.”

5G offers the fastest speeds (up to 10 Gbps), low latency (less than 1 ms), and communication capability (up to 1 million connections within 1 km2).

To take advantage of these diverse services and mobile packages, users are required to have mobile devices and handsets that support 5G.

Source: Ethiopian Monitor