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Expansion boosts Algeria’s hub capital

Air Algérie aims to connect African, Asian and European airports via the capital Algiers and to this end it’s developing its network to new destinations around the world, with the first additions being the opening of routes between Algiers and Lyon and Algiers to Doha, both in August.

A first look at progress so far in 2023 is ‘satisfactory’, according to Amine Andaloussi, spokesperson for Air Algérie. “We have reopened our pre-pandemic routes to Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Mali) with several weekly flights, allowing our customers to transfer to Europe and North America via the Air Algérie network,” he explained.

Air Algérie is seeking new development opportunities, fulfilling the intentions of the Algerian government to anchor the airline in emerging markets – and to this end it recently opened a route to Saint Petersburg.

Amine Andaloussi also announced the opening of a new route to Johannesburg, forming a connection between two major ‘gates’ of Africa. The first commercial flight was scheduled for 21 September this year.

Air Algérie is facing strong demand, hence the desire of the Algerian state to acquire new aircraft to consolidate a fleet that currently comprises 56 aircraft, all from Airbus, Boeing and ATR.

Air Algérie will acquire 25 new airliners, according to Amine Andaloussi, with a first order of 14 aircraft, seven each from Airbus and Boeing. So far it has ordered five A330-900s and two A350-1000s and also confirmed the acquisition of eight B737 MAX 9s at the last Paris air show with the first deliveries will taking place in early 2025. A ‘request for proposal’ has also been issued for six A330s and four B737s.

Source: Times AeroSpace