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Türkiye wants to transfer strength of its defense industry to Egypt, Africa

Türkiye wants to carry its strength and capabilities in the defense industry to Egypt and other African countries, a senior Turkish official said on Wednesday.

Positive developments have marked recent Türkiye-Egypt relations, with ambassadors appointed between the two countries for the first time in 10 years Deputy National Defense Minister Celal Sami Tufekci said at the Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX) in Cairo.

“Egypt is a country that we consider our ancient friend, a friendly nation with which we coexisted for 400 years alongside the Ottoman Empire,” Tufekci said.

“In recent times, there had been a stagnation in our relations due to some political developments, but a revival is once again on the horizon,” he added.

Tufekci said 23 companies from Türkiye opened stands at EDEX, while about 10 participated in the fair without a stand.

“We attach great importance to Egypt. We’re seeking opportunities to transfer our capabilities to Egypt, a friendly and allied country, and from there to other African nations … That’s why we’re here,” he said.

Stressing that “great opportunities” await Türkiye and Egypt in naval platforms, the ammunition industry and its production lines, land vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, manned platforms, and aircraft, he said that:

“Our Egyptian friends and counterparts also express the same thing. Hopefully, if we establish good relations, we will carry the power and voice of the Turkish defense industry here as well.”

Mustafa Murat Seker, vice president of Türkiye’s Defense Industry Agency, noted that Turkish companies active in different fields were participating in EDEX. “They exhibit their products. They also hold meetings with delegations from Egypt and other countries,” Seker added.

Stating that Türkiye hopes to develop its defense industry ties with Egypt, Seker said this would be “an opportunity for us. In that sense, we want to utilize this environment.”

“We paid a visit here a month ago, on a special visit. There, we had already discussed potential issues with the Egyptian authorities.

“In that framework, we directed our companies and they ensured their participation here. Before the exhibition, we actually held a mutual meeting, and we went over those potential issues together with the Egyptian authorities, in which our companies participated,” he said.

EDEX-2023 kicked off Monday with about 400 firms participating, including Turkish companies Aselsan, Baykar, BMC, Sarsilmaz, and Canik.

Source: AA