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Why 5G network is yet to reach everywhere in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Innovations, and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani, has said the Fifth-Generation (5G) network exists in Nigeria but the infrastructure that supports it is not everywhere in the country.

Tijani stated this as a guest on Tuesday’s edition of Politics Today on Channels Television.

“We do in some places,” he replied when asked whether 5G exists in Nigeria. “The infrastructure that drives 5G is not something that is across the nation.

“So, if you subscribe to 5G and you move into locations where the infrastructure cannot support it, of course, the quality will drop. 5G exists in Nigeria and there are telcos with the licence.”

On what it will cost to lay fibre optics cables across Nigeria, Tijani said: “We are about 35 to 40 kilometres right now and the goal is to go to 95,000 kmIt’s going to cost us roughly about $1.5bn to $2bn to wire the entire of Nigeria.”

The Minister said he hopes that under his leadership, the ministry would in the first four years of this administration achieve the aspiration of wiring Nigeria.

He stated that the current government want to connect schools, hospitals, government offices and other vital places with fibre cables.

He explained that once that is done, there will be changes in the delivery of public services.

Source: The Guardian