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Ionity opens new HPC charging park in Germany

The chargers have two charging points with a maximum capacity of 200 kW. Ionity itself speaks of a maximum of 200 kW at the new Hyperchargers. This would differentiate the Ionity version from the regular Hypercharger software. Normally, if only one charging point of a column is occupied, higher outputs are also possible – the output can be distributed between the two charging points in 50 kW increments. With the widely used HYC300 and HYC150 (neither of which are used by Ionity), the distribution still takes place in 75 kW increments.

Ionity uses two different charging station models in Merklingen, which is unusual for the company. On one side of the charging park, 14 charging stations of Ionity’s well-known Halo model are installed. On the other side of a small green area are four HYC400 hyperchargers. This means that there are 14 charging points on site with 350 kW and eight on the hyperchargers with at least 200 kW.

The new Hyperchargers from South Tyrol complement the 350 kW charging offer of the HPC charging network. Ionity announced in June that it would also be using Alpitronic hyperchargers in future. The hardware previously used from manufacturers such as Tritium, ABB and Ekoenergetyka was only designed for one charging point per charging station. In Merklingen, Ionity is now offering two charging points at one column for the first time.

This is why Ionity also opted for Alpitronic’s Hyperchargers: “As an ‘all-in-one’ solution, they do not require an external control cabinet and can therefore be
integrated flexibly into existing and new IONITY locations,” the press release states. This also simplifies the civil engineering work on site, which saves time and money. In addition to the transformer station, the picture of the system also shows a row of white control cabinets for the Halo columns – which is not required for the Hyperchargers.

With Merklingen, there are now 122 Ionity charging parks in operation across Germany, but most of them have four to six charging points. A further 25 locations are currently under construction. As of December 2023, the Ionity network has a total of more than 550 charging parks and over 3,000 charging points in 24 European countries.

Source: Electrive