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Metito Utilities, Tahliya Group forge partnership for Moroccan projects

Following a declaration signed by President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and King Mohammed VI of Morocco on December 4th, 2023, to foster economic and investment cooperation, Metito Utilities and Tahliya Group have agreed to jointly develop two desalination projects in Morocco, powered by renewable energy.

The agreement was formalized at Metito’s Dubai office during COP28, with CEOs Rami Ghandour and Zouheir Bensaid presiding over the ceremony.

Ghandour highlighted Metito’s commitment to addressing water scarcity and promoting sustainable development in Morocco, leveraging the company’s expertise in desalination and Tahliya Group’s infrastructure prowess. Metito, recognized by the Global Water Intelligence report for its desalination capacity, aims to make a lasting impact through this partnership.

Bensaid emphasized the project’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, predicting significant benefits for Moroccan communities from these large-scale, alternative energy-powered desalination plants.

Morocco, a strategic market for both companies, offers vast investment opportunities. Metito plans to mobilize capital and expertise, including potential collaboration with Africa Water Infrastructure Development (AWID), to bring these projects to fruition.

Source: Daily News Egypt