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Kafr El-Sheikh Museum: A Journey Through Ancient Egyptian History

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, located next to Kafr El-Sheikh University, is a treasure trove of ancient Egyptian artefacts and culture. The museum reopened in 2020 after a development and restoration project, and since then, it has been attracting visitors from all over the world. The museum celebrated its 3rd anniversary on October 31, 2023, marking a milestone in its mission to preserve and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Egypt.

A Glimpse into Ancient Egyptian Mythology and History

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum houses a remarkable collection of artefacts, with a total of 3,500 items. Among these, 735 artefacts are displayed in the museum’s halls, offering visitors a captivating journey through ancient Egyptian mythology and history.

The main theme of the museum’s display revolves around the myth of Osiris and Isis and the conflict between Horus and Set. This myth represents the ancient Egyptian vision of the struggle between good and evil, and its connection to the concepts of Egyptian kingship, resurrection, and immortality. The museum showcases numerous artefacts depicting major deities, providing a vivid portrayal of this ancient myth.

Exploring the Historical Role of Kafr El-Sheikh

In addition to its focus on ancient Egyptian mythology, the museum also sheds light on the historical role of the cities of Kafr El-Sheikh throughout the ages. Two prominent cities, Buto and Sakha, hold significant importance in Egyptian history.

Buto, one of the oldest political capitals in human history, was linked to the Egyptian monarchy. Sakha, on the other hand, served as the capital of the Fourteenth Dynasty and witnessed the defining event of the Hyksos occupation. The museum’s display highlights the historical significance of these cities and their contributions to Egyptian civilization.

The artefacts on display in the museum reflect the daily life, crafts, and industries of the ancient Egyptians. From stone tools and pottery vessels dating back to the Predynastic and Archaic eras to clay seals and artefacts showcasing the ancient Egyptians’ expertise in fields such as medicine and pharmacy, the museum provides a comprehensive view of the cultural and scientific achievements of the ancient Egyptians.

Kafr El-Sheikh Museum: A journey through ancient Egyptian history

Tracing the Path of the Holy Family and Islamic Heritage

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum also pays tribute to the path of the Holy Family during their time in Egypt. The city of Sakha, one of the cities through which the Holy Family passed, holds a special place in the museum’s display. Artefacts related to this historical journey are showcased, allowing visitors to connect with this significant event in Egypt’s history.

Furthermore, the museum displays artefacts from the Islamic era, highlighting the splendour of Islamic art and heritage. The city of Fuwah, known for its rich Islamic heritage, is intricately linked to the museum’s display. It encompasses the cultural heritage of Kafr El-Sheikh, making it the third heritage city in Egypt, following Cairo and Rasheed.

Unveiling the Rich Regional History

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum aims to display the regional history of Kafr El-Sheikh and the numerous artefacts that have been uncovered within its boundaries. The museum consists of three halls, each dedicated to specific archaeological holdings.

One hall focuses on the archaeological findings from the Great Buto Cemetery and the temple area. It showcases important artefacts that embody the story of the conflict between Horus and his uncle Set. Additionally, the museum displays other archaeological sites in Kafr El-Sheikh, including a remarkable statue of the deity Horus the Falcon, which is considered one of the most amazing statues discovered in Egypt.

Another hall in the museum is devoted to displaying the period when the city of Sakha hosted the journey of the Holy Family. It provides insights into the historical significance of this event and its impact on the region.

Lastly, the museum highlights the history of science throughout different historical eras, such as medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy. It also delves into topics related to the city of Fuwah and its rich Islamic heritage.

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Egypt’s ancient civilization and the cultural contributions of the region. Through its diverse collection of artefacts and immersive displays, it offers visitors a captivating journey through time, allowing them to connect with the rich history and heritage of Egypt.

Source : Daily News Egypt