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Egyptian Artists Stand in Solidarity with Gaza

The Egyptian Union of Artistic Syndicates organized a demonstration to express solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are facing war crimes by Israel, and invited a large number of artists from various fields, such as writers, directors, photographers, actors, and media figures. Some of the prominent attendees were Ashraf Zaki, Ahmed Badir, Abdulaziz Makhyoun, and Hassan Al-Adl. They expressed their support for the Palestinian cause and their admiration for the resistance fighters who are defending their land and dignity. They also called on the Arab and international community to take action to stop the Israeli aggression and protect the rights of the Palestinians. In this article, we present some of the statements made by the artists at the stand.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz: We are paying the price for a free Palestine

The actor Ahmed Abdel Aziz said that the sacrifices made by the people of Gaza are part of the struggle for the establishment of a free and independent Arab state of Palestine. He praised the history of the Palestinian resistance, which dates back to 1886, and said that victory was near. He added that Egyptian artists have always been in solidarity with the Arab causes, such as Iraq and Lebanon, and that they are now with Palestine. He said that Israel is a criminal state that is trembling at the hands of the resistance heroes and that its end is near.

Khaled Al-Sawy: Cut off oil from the West

The actor Khaled Al-Sawy said that in 1973, the Arab nation supported Egypt in its war against Israel by cutting off oil from the West, which was a major pressure card in favor of the Egyptian army. He wondered why the Arab oil-exporting countries do not do the same now to support the Palestinian people. He hoped that this would happen soon and that everyone would stand with the Palestinian right to their land and denounce the Zionist crime against them. He said that support for Palestine should be expressed through every window and platform, and that pressure would eventually succeed in stopping the Israeli aggression.

Abdulaziz Makhyoun: Palestine is an Arab land 

Actor Abdulaziz Makhyoun said: Palestine is an Arab land and will remain Arab no matter what the Israeli occupation does. He condemned Israeli crimes, such as killing patients by demolishing the hospitals on them, striking places of worship, and killing children. He called on the international community and the major powers to intervene and stop the massacres in Gaza. He also urged everyone who can provide support to the Palestinian cause to do so without delay. He said that all Egyptians must stand behind the Palestinian cause until victory.

Bassem Samra: Israel is plotting to occupy Sinai 

Actor Bassem Samra said: Israel is plotting to occupy Sinai and take it from the Egyptians, but this will never happen as long as we are alive and breathing. He affirmed that Sinai will always be Egyptian and no one will be able to defeat us, with God’s help. He expressed his hope that the borders would be opened for them to teach Israel a new lesson that they would not forget, like the lessons of October 1973.

Nabil Nour El-Din: Israel is not invincible 

Actor Nabil Nour El-Din said: The Al-Qassam Brigades’ attack on Israel and their penetration of all its barriers showed us that Israel is not invincible, as it had claimed in the past. He compared this to the Egyptian army’s breakthrough of the Bar Lev line in October 1973. He said that this indicates a change in the situation and a new reality with the Zionist enemy. He added that all aspects of life will support the Palestinian cause, which will inevitably triumph. He said that he expects to see the establishment of the Palestinian state soon and the defeat of the Zionists.

Hassan Al-Adl: Palestinian cause will triumph 

Actor Hassan Al-Adl said: The Palestinian cause will triumph and the Zionist military machine will be defeated with all its equipment. He recounted his experience as one of the first soldiers who crossed the Suez Canal and saw the Zionist soldiers running away from the Egyptian soldiers in terror. He stressed that their cowardly nature has not changed and they will soon be defeated and flee from the battle. He said that he supported the resistance with all his strength and tools, and prayed for their victory, along with all Egyptians.

Mahmoud Fares: We are all Palestinian

Actor Mahmoud Fares said: We are all behind the Palestinian resistance until we see the victory that is coming our way. He pointed out the signs of Israeli panic, such as killing defenseless people, including children, women, the elderly, and the helpless, and cutting off all means of life for more than two million people in Gaza. He said that this proves their fear of what happened to them and their realization that their existence will disappear sooner or later because it was illegal, unreal, and a big lie that they invented and spread throughout the world. He said that we, Egyptians and Arabs, do not believe lies and always stand against them until we restore our stolen rights.

Nermin El-Feki criticizes the silence of the international community

Actress Nermin El-Feki said: We have witnessed crimes every hour on screens since 7 October, and we see Israel’s ugly revenge against innocent people. She said that Israel does not target militants, but rather directs its strikes at civilians, including children, the sick, and the wounded. She criticized the silence of the international community that often praises human rights. She said that she stands with the Palestinian resistance with all her strength until they achieve victory, despite this massive amount of Israeli crimes.

Source : Daily News Egypt