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Spain and Egypt Enjoy Fruitful Relationship: Ambassador

Spain and Egypt have a strong and productive relationship, according to Spanish Ambassador to Egypt, Álvaro Iranzo.

The Ambassador made these remarks during the celebration of the Spanish National Day.

He highlighted that the Egyptian authorities have set forth an ambitious economic and social development program called Egypt Vision 2030.

In a challenging global context, Egypt has undertaken structural reforms aimed at achieving financial stability, economic growth, and attracting foreign investments. Spain fully supports this process through various lines of cooperation.

“Firstly, in collaboration with the Egyptian authorities, Spain is involved in different projects that aim to strengthen public institutions and governance. A notable example is Project CONMIGO, which focuses on managing migratory flows, one of the major challenges faced by the international community in the 21st century,” he explained.

The Ambassador emphasized that Spanish projects in the social sphere aim to ensure that economic growth benefits everyone.

“We support education and training programs that provide opportunities for the most vulnerable segments of the population, including migrants and rural communities, with a particular focus on women’s rights and protection,” Iranzo stated.

“Our financial resources are also utilized to support the development of strategic infrastructure projects undertaken by Spanish companies in sectors such as sustainable transportation, renewable energy, and water treatment, among others,” he added.

The Ambassador noted that bilateral trade between Spain and Egypt has steadily increased, with exchanges reaching 4.16 billion Euros last year.

“I am particularly pleased that Egypt has become one of the preferred tourist destinations for Spaniards, with nearly 400,000 visitors last year, more than double the previous year,” he revealed.

Iranzo highlighted the intense political and diplomatic relations between Egypt and Spain.

“Since the visit of our Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to Cairo in December 2021, the exchanges between our countries have been constant. Foreign Minister Shoukry visited Madrid in April 2022, and Prime Minister Sanchez traveled to Egypt again to participate in the Sharm el Sheikh COP 27 in November 2022. Additionally, our State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Angeles Moreno, recently visited Cairo. We anticipate more official visits in the coming months,” he stated.

In the cultural sphere, the Ambassador acknowledged the remarkable work carried out by Spanish Egyptologists in collaboration with their Egyptian colleagues at various sites in Egypt.

“I would also like to commend all individuals and institutions dedicated to joint cultural productions,” he concluded.

Source : Daily News Egypt