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Kuwait has Deported Over 100 Expats Per Day so Far in 2023: Report

Kuwait has deported over 25,000 expats between January and 19 August of this year, averaging 108 individuals each day, according to a report on Friday by Arabian Business.

The mass deportation is said to be part of efforts by the Kuwaiti authorities to crackdown on those found to be guilty of violating residence and labour laws, in line with directives from the First Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled.

The report notes that of the deportees, there were approximately 10,000 women with reasons for deportation ranging from “drug abuse and distribution to begging and actions deemed detrimental to national security.”

A senior security source was also cited as saying that the Gulf state is planning for an expansive campaign targeting an estimated 100,000 individuals residing in Kuwait in violation of national laws. The source added that by the end of 2023, the number of deportees could exceed 35,000.

According to Kuwait’s Arab Times, this year has seen the largest deportation of expatriates, which is reported to be on the rise. Yesterday, the same outlet reported that expats found to be aiding violators will also face deportation and that Kuwaiti citizens or companies complicit in violating immigration and labour laws will also face legal repercussions.

The news came as the Ministry of the Interior issued a formal request to the Ministry of Education to submit two unused schools into detention centers for expatriates who have violated residency laws.

Source : Memo