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Ghannouchi: Al-Aqsa Flood is Gaza’s Gift to the Nation

Speaker of the Tunisian House of Representatives and head of the Ennahda Movement, Rached Ghannouchi, said the Palestinian resistance’s Al-Aqsa Flood Operation is a gift from the people of Gaza to the nation.

In a message sent from prison, he added that it is “a force of renewal, motivation, mobilisation, awakening, and a model of heroism” for the nation.

Soumaya, Ghannouchi’s daughter, posted the text of the letter, which she said she received in her father’s handwriting, on her X account.

Ghannouchi said in his letter: “Palestine is the nation’s central issue, along with the Grand Mosque of Makkah. They are the centre of Islamic sovereignty and the measure of the nation’s pride and sovereignty. This ray, the Grand Mosque and Al-Aqsa Mosque, is the beating heart of the nation, and any intruding entity in the heart is a warning of danger, calling for high alert to confront this existential danger.”

Ghannouchi noted that “the liberation of Palestine is not a burden on the nation, but rather a lever for it, and this issue gives its bearer more than it takes from them.”

He stressed that the issue of liberating Palestine “must remain the focus of meeting and separation;” adding “Palestine is a verse from the Book and a Surah from the Quran. Whoever carries it carries the Book, and whoever abandons it has abandoned the Book.”

Ghannouchi likened the Palestinian resistance’s operation on 7 October to Noah’s Flood, “submerging the entire world and rebuilding it again, to be humane, recovering from everything that is rotten.”

Ghannouchi has been in prison since his arrest on 17 April by security forces after they raided his home. A court has since ordered his imprisonment on charges of “inciting against state security.”

On 31 October, the Tunis Court of Appeal ruled to increase the initial sentence against Ghannouchi to 15 months in prison instead of 12, in addition to a fine.

Source : MEMO